How to make Big Money with PaidVerts GUIDE

PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.
Advertisers purchase ads in our system then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. 

Since Paidverts have no self-sponsoring ads , it's a win-win situation for advertisers and users . You can expect Paidverts to be more profitable earning program than other paid to click network . For your information , Paidverts owns by My traffic Value and you can see real time accounting over here

1. Sign up by Clicking here . I will give back 80% of the commission I receive from you. BAP stands for Bonus Ad Point. rock.gif

" You will receive 8 x 50 BAP ads everyday . Use your BAP wisely "

2. Next ,click on the Paid Ads section . Take a note that Paid Ads will consume a little amount of BAP daily. You will receive 8 X 50 BAP ads and Dollar Ads (depend on your BAP) 

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Fill up the Captcha , and you can proceed to the advertiser website . 

As Paidverts user earn dollars by Accumulating BAP . Basically the more Bonus Ad Point (BAP) you will receive more 'higher' dollar value ads in the 'Paid Ads' section . 

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I earn a total of $1-2 from clicking advertisement . Well the more BAP you accumulate the more higher value ads you will receive . Some even $2 per click.

3. Besides that , Paidverts do offer " Games " for users to earn more BAP in a short amount of time . Bear in mind BAP is non-replaceable and you only receive 400 BAP per day , use it wisely I would say . 

In my opinion I would try out the Coin-flip , I know the risk very well . Of course you don't put all eggs into a basket , be smart .If you're my referral I can share the tips with you !My Facebook link will be given below party.gif

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I earn  7214 BAP DAILY  from CoinFlip while mostly users lose their BAP over there . lol

4. After you have $0.05 in your account balance proceed to purchase $0.05 recycle pack from " My Account " section . You will receive more advertisement . Remember BAP is very important for you to receive high value ads , the higher the BAP you allocate the higher value ads priority will goes to you ! 

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To get more BAP , you can purchase the ads at the ' Buy Ads ' section . The one dollar purchase on advertisement is equal to 3100 BAP . The more BAP you accumulate the better it goes , you will start to receive $0.005- 0.50 per ads when you have 12000 BAP .

I earn $1 after invest $4 in the same day so I would assume Paidverts to be freaking profitable !  inlove.gif

5. I will just go through other upgrade ,not necessary for new member . These features are for the users who have higher BAP such as Membership upgrades , AdFilter and Vacation Mode.  Well unless you have 40,000 -100,000 BAP . 

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Upgrade to receive more higher value ads and the chances to receive ads .

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Adfilter is to filter out low value ads 

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Vacation mode is to freeze the ads when you go for vacation and you can come back to click it .  Overall these features are not necessary for new member . I would strongly users to try out the $0.05 recycle ads purchase it's very helpful enough to receive new ads from time to time. 

Payment Proof ? You just have to google over it you can see thousands of them .

Join now by Clicking Here . If you're my referrals I will give back 80% of the commission I receive and I'm glad to share with you how to accumulate BAP in a very fast way by playing Coin-flip . Get in touch with me in Skype - Limwynn96 or Facebook : AddMathz 

How To Make Money With Clixters | Payment Proof $32

Clixters and Ptcsolution Paid To Click Site are both under the same owner of Wiktor and David . In the past PTCsolution encounter many problem regarding to Payment delay , Main Processor - PayPal got limited and unable to send or receive money . 

Eventually , Wiktor and David came out with brilliant business plan and a new company in US - NetAdSolution and their nightmare ended . PayPal main payment processor is now working perfectly in both site . Even the first Paid To Click Site was not profitable enough for them but they manage to stay . Their main priority goes to the user and therefore I would say their paid to click site can be trusted ! I'm a member of PTCsolution and I get 500% ROI ( return of investment )

How Paid To Click Site Work ?
Basically you click advertisement to earn money , you can choose to upgrade your membership , buying rented and direct referrals to receive commission from them . Yep that's the fast way .

1. First click here to register as member . If you're active on clicking or you choose to upgrade . You can add me on facebook - Click Here I will send you back the commission I receive .  

For more information of becoming my direct referral ( Bonus & RCB offer ),339841.0.html

2. This is not a force investment site , upgrading membership is optional . Of course you can see some benefits about Premium membership , you get a higher commission from rented or direct referrals . 

Commission based on membership 

My initial investment 

You see recently there is a promotion .The fact is the more rented referrals you can purchase the better it goes , more profitable to be exact . The system of renting 100 rented referrals a week is extremely time consuming and I don't like that . So I choose the Premium Pack straight up.

- Premium membership for $72 instead of $80
- Ultimate membership for $674 instead of $749

- Premium Pack with 500 Rented Referrals for $155 (regular price: $180)
- Ultimate Pack with 1000 Rented Referrals for $829 (regular price: $949)

3. If you're not looking for an investment and you want to earn as a free member . Perhaps you should try out Adgrid , Paid Offer , SuperReward , Matomy and Minute Staff in the View Ads section . The offers help you to boost your earning . 

4. Bear in mind that rented referrals always come with a cost , they are bots and not human . The rented referrals clicks average is set by the owner , but still you stand a chance to get some profit . My suggestion - Do not turn on autopay , only extend those rented referrals who have a good average to 60 - 90 days

Be Sure to check out the forum from time to time for promotions, announcement and ways to improve your earning such as improving your rented referrals rate , strategy of recycling  . 

I will upload my own payment proof soon , perhaps in two week time . If you not yet join you can sign up by  clicking here  .  Thank You . If you're my active direct referrals I will be rewarding you some cash .  You can add me on facebook - Click Here

Payment Proof
 Click to zoom . Picture credit to bisken 

Earn Money Online with SportsPlays Bet For Free | Payment Proof $92

Do you love sports  NFL, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, boxing MMA, WNBA etc What If I told you I know a site you can bet on any sports completely free of charge and you even receive €2  as bonus to start off with . Pick Winners. Play Free. Win Real Cash.

If you win you get paid in real cash , If you lose you get pay by sponsor to complete offers Good thing is you don't have to come out with your real savings and you win real cash ! You risk nothing ! 

1. You can redeem your first €1 by signing up using the link -
2. Next you can sign up for the newsletter through this link - to receive another €1 . Of course you can complete other offers too in the sub to receive more bonus 

3. Then you continue by placing bet on your favorite team . The negative / positive sign on moneyline refers to profits and loss . If you bet on the team with negative sign in the moneyline then you're expecting for a loss . The reason is simply because too many people place the bet on the team unless you place your bet early . The moneyline purpose is to stabilize the financial of the bet. 

4. I prefer more in moneyline than Spread and Total . How do you know your return if you place the right bet ? Assume you bet on the team with +800 moneyline your return is 8 times of the total bet. 

Yeah lets continue about the payment . You will receive half upon your total cash out ! When your account balance reached $200.00 . You can request for a withdrawal , as a free member you will receive 50% of the total amount . Withdrawal can be process through Paypal , Dwolla and SquareCash. 

I'm an active players over there . If you bet everyday you can reached the minimum cash out in 2 months time . Plus the currency over there is in USD . 

Too good to be true ? Well picture says everything . You can refer for more payment proof on the forum . Only bet the amount you afford to lose :) Don't be greedy . Good luck 

t9Tasd53N.jpg (489×546)

   Picture credits to GentleVip. Click to zoom  

Birejji Payment Proof | Paid To Chat With People

Birejji is a community chat where you can earn money by chatting with people from different part of world but the rate was very low , even you're really desperate for money I don't think you will try it because chat per rate is way too low . The payout is 10.00 point for $0.10 and you earn 0.02 point for every single chat more than 20 words.  If i'm right * Sigh 

Unless if you're really lucky enough to enter other villages (group) where the rate per chat is more higher however you need to get approve by the member who fund the village ( group ) 

Assume you chat continuously for 1 hour in the general group chat , you will be making  a total of 1 cent . If you really want to try it out then you can sign up using this link Anyway these are the payment proof from birejji , the site have been paying for over four year . 

Capture.jpg (552×489)
                   Payment proof credit to : prabhatec 

My Second Payment From Clikit

As usual you don't expect for high return on paid to click site if you rely on rented referrals. So yeah my average drop like hell when my rented referrals reach 600 , thing doesn't go any better soon I'm unable to login into my account for couple of week due to technical problem . At the end I have to gave up on Clikit , I receive the payment after a week later . I would assume this to be my last payment . 

If you're interested on joining Clikit , you can sign up through my friend referral link

My Fifth Payment From ChurpChurp

I just move in to my college hostel , seriously college life was very enjoyable but it cost me a large sum of money for daily usage . Surprisingly few days later I receive my fifth payment from ChurpChurp . Thanks to ChurpChurp , I'm able to invest using the money on my online eCommerce business for higher return in future . Quick Sign up here .  

Check out my other post on how to increase income in churpchurp. 

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How to get the best results from your Facebook ads campaign

These day Facebook makes it hard to get exposure or anything behind the platform unless you willing to put some dollar behind it . Organic Facebook Post is getting lesser impression and engagement than before , due to Facebook new policy only 10% out of your total 'like' in a fan page will see your post . If you're someone who's running marketing campaign , instead of crying over Zucker’s total selfishness and greed, it may be better to suck it up and put some money behind your marketings . 

However things don't always go the way we hope , somehow you will encounter many barrier when you start running ads campaign on Facebook . Few of the reason is the audience you targeting , images and text . In this case split test can be really helpful On Facebook Campaign , save you a ton on spending few hundred bucks on a campaign with no result . eye-catching images 

1. Test Multiple Images 

When It come to marketing digital product or virtual product especially on the right ads column , eye-catching images and text play an important role . Each ads set allow you to create six different images for split test purpose . Based on the picture below you can see clearly see the magician photo have a better result compare to the two image above . You can split test the variables between your ads so you can get the cheapest click and find out which ads are performing the best . 

2. Headlines and Text 

It's kind of annoying to see your campaign ads full of text . Simplify your text and go straight for the point for people to understand what's your product & campaign about and call to action . For instance asking people who're interested on your product to contact you  , it's much easier for them to refer to .

3. Audience 

Target where it make sense . Facebook makes that easy to do , you have many option to filter your audience etc gender , age , occupation to interests . Getting laser targeted audience to your ads is essential . Targeting is a very good idea especially when you have a very small budget . Moreover you're spending more wisely on a campaign , your ads will be show to people who are interested on the product that will be converted to potential buyer . However you don't always rely on Facebook ads manager to target your audience. Custom audience by using certain software to extract passionate members from Facebook Group . User who like and comment on a post will be extracted . You can purchase leads extractor software for as little as $5 .  

Software details : 

4. Budget

As with everything ,  it's return on your investment that matters. Watch how much it cost to achieve your objective , if the ads campaign exceed your budget or the cost is way too high for example RM0.50 per click , then you should have pause or stop the campaign and readjust them .

Analyse your result so you can make certain adjustment to improve your campaign . The longer the campaign will be , the lesser it cost . The cost of CPC campaign usually depends on the amount of CTR ( click through ratio ) Click / The number of ads show on Facebook

Zalora Online Shopping Save Up to 80%

The market for reliable and large scale e-commerce site is far and few in between. Especially when it come fashion , Malaysia have little reliable blog-shops and FB page store .


Today we have something local to turn to , Zalora Malaysia online shopping site establish by European Corporation with hundreds of successful eCommerce site around the world. Zalora is well known in South East Asian for fashion . 

Zalora Ecommerce existence are available in 8 countries Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand , Indonesia ,Vietnam , Philippines , Hong Kong and Taiwan . 

Marketing play an important role for Zalora to expand its network . Zalora hitting hard on advertising platform for instance Google Ads , Facebook , Advert , radio , etc . Zalora offers everything about fashion from shirts to shoes with over 600 brand and 30,000 products . 

What makes different?

  • At least 10 time larger than any blog-shop in a country 
  • 600 brand and 30,0000 product to choose 
  • Specialize on fashion 
  • Express delivery via Gdex and Ta-Q-Bin 
  • Cash on delivery option 
  • Special Offer such as 30 days guarantee return
  • Unlimited voucher / coupon every week ! 
  • Branded and international product

What’s their product catalogue and prices like?

Whether you're in luxury high end brand or some international recognizable brand etc admiral , converse , Nike , Neverland therefore shopping with Zalora is a must for you . The pricing were far more cheaper than offline store . Plus the existence of Zalora coupon help you to save more ! By subscribing into their newsletter and follow them on social network you would able to get new coupon every week ranged between 10% - 25% . 


See the attractive box there ? Enter your email address and you will receive RM20 Zalora voucher to shop , Not only that you will be alert from time to time when there are stock clearance , giveaway , special promo code . Just to make sure you don't miss any offer ! 

My few purchase on Zalora in the past was smooth and I was satisfy with the service they provided . You can always add your favorite product on the bag and remove them later . Once you're done you can apply coupon and proceed to checkout . No extra fees*

Once your payment is complete, you’ll see this “Order Received” page. This shows a “Thank You” note and acknowledgement that your order is received and your order number.

Let them know “Where did you hear about us?” section and you might win a weekly lucky draw prize!!!
To cheer you up here are some Zalora promo code
10% Off AAPR10MY ( No minimum Spent ) 
20% Off - AAPR20MY ( Minimum Spent RM200 ) 

Sixth Payment From Fiverr

My earning on Fiverr take a drastic change on March , my sales drop so much compare to February . The 25% negative feedback and a few gig which I place high hope on it was removed by Fiverr eventually due to the existing of adult content .If you know what I mean* 

In the end I make two withdrawal and perhaps I should wait a little bit longer to withdraw Damn I just lost my patience . 

Tired to create a new post for the Fiverr payment on April 3 so I just combine both of them . Click to zoom 

My 10th Payment From PTCsolution

There seemed to be a slight change, the new establish company - Netadsolution has replace PTCsolution . The founder and the admin came out with a new business plan . Their Paypal account once got limited from Paypal was release by Paypal today after months of investigation and appealing , condition doesn't improve much regarding to the financial problem they are having - lots of pending payment but still I salute to them ,even though they are struggling hard with their financial situation they manage the site well. Somehow they manage to pay $9000 in one day ! 

Lots of improvements has been make but the site are still facing problem with the debt . Fixed ads , revenue shares was removed , the queue was long for pending payment therefore they extend the awaiting day to 45 business day .  Well doesn't matter , as long they pay :) 

Ps : This might be my 15th payment , not sure because I've post a few on my personal facebook account :D Click to zoom 

Track Your Parcel With Trackback

Track your parcel in a split of a second with Trackback . Do you deliver your parcels with different courier and you're tired to track them down one by one ? Trackback is the ultimate solution ! Trackback allows you to track down your parcel from 10 different courier service .

Akif Rabbani was the founder of Trackback .

Why Is Courier Tracking Service So Important ? 

  • Customer Service - You will feel more confident on handling customer inquires because you can check your item delivery progress through parcel pipeline . 
  • Professionalism - Take your business to another level , Express courier service shorten the duration of delivery . Customer satisfaction is a must 
  • Confirmation - Trackback track your parcel without any delay . You will know exactly when the parcel arrive in your customer hand. 

Tracking data saved in a dedicated server , so you can show it anytime in anywhere to anyone you want . The best of all the service is totally free ! 

My Fifth Payment From Fiverr

My final withdrawal of the month from fiverr . I will use the rest of the fund for other investment . To be honest , Fiverr has some great potential for it's super low services especially for someone who have very limited budget ! Plus , You receive your payment in a split of a second . Fiverr is definitely legit , picture says everything ! 

$5 for two minutes work is really really good , most of my services offer software and ebooks . Deng Deng Deng Deng here come the best part !! Currency Exchange and transfer them to my local bank account :D

If you missed out my tutorial and my previous payment , be sure to check them out !!! 

How To Start Online Business On Lelong

Lelong is run by a company call Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd establish in the year 1998 making them one of the longest online marketplace ever . Lelong was the first auction site In Malaysia and has more member than its competitors ( even ebay ) 

If you're cluttering up your house and would like to get rid of them then Lelong is for you , you can sell your new , used item - you just have to state the conditions of your product in the description box . 70% of the product will get sold , so the odds of gaining  a return of are in your favor . 

Shopping in Malaysia

Before you look into Online marketplace , it make sense if you figure it out you should use one at all . There is , after all , another option you want to sell your product online is by starting creating your own e-commerce store or through shopping cart application or ready made e-commerce templates such as Squarelet There are both pros and cons but the final decision is on your hand . These are the pros and cons about Online Marketplace .


  • Easy to manage / customize 
  • No HTML or programming skill require 
  • Existing traffic on the site 
  • Cheaper to get started 
  • User-friendly
  • Cannot fully customize the site 
  • Sharing traffic with other vendor of the site
  • Powerful competition 
  • Minimum profit margin
  • Features and function are very limited 
If you're new to e-commerce and you're not tech savvy perhaps you should consider about Online marketplace . Also you should be aware of choosing the right platform to start your business in an Online Marketplace and as I mention before Online marketplace rely on the power of "Traffic" . Do not expect for sales without the consistency of the traffic . 

Now let's have a look on the best marketplace in Malaysia has been a very recognizable brand name and reliable . Widely advertise on social network and local newspaper , they are getting a lot organic traffic everyday . You don't need to worry about your product page , since Lelong template is SEO friendly , your product page will be index on Google in few days after publish . 

Your initial sales is very important , as the feedback will brings more buyers . Newcomers with no rating have no match with the ones who have been running online business in lelong for years . As a new comers you will encounter barriers such as competitions , traffic and sales simply because buyer do not have confident to deal with you as a new seller . To gain buyer confident I would suggest you to start your e-commerce shop right ahead . Webstore come with a fair price at RM0.95 / day and also verify your Mykad and hand-phone number . This will give you an upper-hand . 

For your information Lelong is an online marketplace which started out as an auction site . So Standard auction will be very helpful to start off with . Loss or profit on your first sale doesn't matter , as long you get your very first sale . 

Other seller feedback 

Lelong is a flexible platform , you can track your sales from time to time on Buy now order . To explore more features from lelong you're highly recommended to start off with RM0.95/day webstore package . Before that , you should have a list of product to sell , check out my previous article about How to import products from China 

I have already own a webstore in lelong , pick up few sales in two week time . I seldom promote the page to my friends because Lelong alone bring millions of visitor everyday and their template is seo friendly - My Two Week Sales with Lelong

Lastly there are a big community out there so the forum is a great spot to tap into . Happy selling and shopping :)