My Passive Income For November 2014

My income report for November , I will also break down the sources of my income so that I can keep track of how each one is doing. Lastly, I’ll conclude with the most important things that I learned and what I have planned for the near future. Knowing that I will be publishing a monthly income report will keep me motivated to keep pushing forward and plugging away on the things I need to do to create future passive income.


Paidverts, ON THE RISE!

I've triple up my investment lately in paidverts from shares ! Interesting enough , I manage to get the shares at the right price just before the shares spike 20 cent overnight! I cash out what I invest within a week ( approximately $500 ). At the same time I use the profit from shares to buy ads to get me into a higher group 

The sign up conversion for Paidverts/Mytrafficvalue on my blogspot minisite is beyond my expectation . You can advertise your banner on Adhitz and build your own blogspot minisite in a fraction of time and cost. As you know you need to spend in order to generate more money . 


Recently I join a revenue-sharing program . It's totally different from pyramid system as referring is an option but the instruction is clear that you have to get in fast to earn more 
The total revenue generated in the particular day will be divided among the total shares available . The product is advertisement and you have to start off with two or five dollar to purchase shares that will mature at 125% .

The return is much slower than I expected I only manage to recover my ROI in two week as I'm building more shares . Now I'm using the repurchasing strategy to cash out as much as I can . I'll keep you update . 

Niche Earning 

Myswitchads - $0,41 
Yashi - $6,00 
Popcash - $0,00 
Zalora - $0,00 
Lazada - $0,00 
Appnexus - $10,20 

This is the summary of my niche earning generated from my new blog . I'm working on the traffic and the SEO


Hitleap - € 23.50

If you miss out my article about hitleap  , Hitleap is a Traffic Exchange service, delivering free traffic to any website, on-demand. Hitleap is able to increase your website traffic, rankings and more. The affiliate program lets you earn cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%. The premium membership give you an upper hand to customize your traffic to look legit ( traffic from facebook , google , etc )

Other earning

Method -  $40,00 
ChurpChurp - $0.00
8Share - $0.00

Total : $886.4    Profit : $165
    I’d love to respond to any questions or comments that you may have. Thanks!

    My 17th Payment From Hitleap

    My 17th Payment from hitleap commission . Cashouts are manual take approximately 7 to 8 days !  Free member can also earn commission however the most part you will be earning is traffic rather than cash . They pay in Euros from commission earned . 

    Click to zoom

    I'm lazy to post payment proof one by one but anyway this is the quick summary of the 17 payment I receive from hiteap . More info regarding hitleap you can check out my tutorial - Click Here

    My 8th Payment from Paidverts

    This is my 8th payment from Paidverts and also one of my biggest payment ever since I join Paidverts . If you judge Paidverts/Mytrafficvalue as a ponzi scheme you're definitely wrong. Just the value of paid to click is high doesn't mean it's a ponzi scheme . You have to understand how the tiers work and where is the revenue generate from otherwise you will judge it wrongly ! 

    click for a better look

    Do not hesitate ! Join Now Ps I've create a minisite for a better understanding . 

    Create High Conversion Minisite With Blogspot

    A minisite is a website by which companies offer one specific product or product group . In the world of marketing , minisite is generally a small websites created to promote a specific product , digital download , leads or sign up . There are three principle as the main power of minisite , the graphics and the attractive language . Minisite convert better than anything else in term of product , digital download , leads and sign up . 

    But most of the people think it's difficult to create . They have to learn HTML , script editing and with high conversion graphics and text they even need graphic editor such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop etc . 

    Believe me ! I know exactly how you feel because I'm in the same situation as you before. I have a good news for you ! You don't have to build your minisite using an old fashioned way . Yes you heard me right  . Now you can now build your very own unique minisite on blogspot in a fraction of a time and cost

    • No Script
    • No HTML
    • No Coding
    What you need is your own creativity to modify the text ! THAT'S ALL !

    Let the professional do for you , no more hassle , just copy and paste and your blog look nothing more but a professional minisite ! 

      My Testimonial 

    Few days back I'm search for high sign up conversion templates and I came across with BS2M I barely do review but the products is totally legit and amazing . The instruction is clear , everything was provided .The only thing you have to do is to edit the templates 'text' with adobe Photoshop which took me a few minute to complete . Next you will have to replace the templates HTML given to your blog template section . And yup you're pretty much done .  Take a look on my minisite - Click Here

    The founder and the designer of bs2ms and wp2ms is Boon Lee . His design is totally out of the box , simply amazing yet unique ! You wouldn't want to miss out his offer as the upcoming price will be RM100 

    What's the advantages of using blogspot for minisite ?
    • Unmetered bandwidth
    • SEO friendly
    • save cost
    • hosting and domain
    • Server running 24/7
    • Blogspot is free
    I will give a rating of 8 out of 10 . The power of copy paste templates , a very good investment if your budget is tight.

    How To Earn Money With AdShareNet

    AdShareNet is an online advertising site offering its members access to business tools such as Business Listing, Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads etc. You get to promote your affiliates link and at the same time you earn maney !

    How to earn in AdShareNet ? Let's keep this simple .  snake


    You have to bear in mind that AdShareNet is not an investment / HYIP / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange/ securities site. It's a profit sharing site !

    The member must first purchase mini ad pack at $5.00 each . The maximum maturity will reach $6.25 and add 50 business directory for you to promote your affiliates / website link

    First you have register in AdShareNet - Click Here . Next select add fund to AdShareNet then purchase shares at the financial section . It's recommended to fund your account during the prelaunch to avoid delay during the full launch . 

    Click to zoom

    Second , members must log-in daily and surf at least 10 of our business directory website or to buy surf free unit at a affordable price as an alternative to skip surfing . Reminder : Surf free unit is optional ! 

    AdShareNet aim for long term sustainability . How & Why ?!

    The system is set to 50-50 . Therefore 50% of your earning will goes back to your repurchase account to purchase more shares also known as Mini Ad Pack . Yeah the concept is simple , the more shares you have , the more you earn w00t So buy more shares whenever you have maney ..

    How many ways you can earn from AdShareNet ?
    PaidToClick , Profit Sharing & Referral Bonus 

    Owner of AdShareNet

    I look for AdShareNet background and everything seem fine to me . The admin of AdShareNet also known as John Frank who own both site 10bucks2wealth in 2012 and ResidualAdNetwork in 2013 and both site paying still ! 

    Lastly , I really appreciate to those who sign up under me thereby I'll forward 30% of my referral commission for charity purpose and I'll come out with more potential passive income tutorial in future  ! As usual I don't give guarantee on your investment so invest at your own risk . 

    My 7th payment from Paidverts

    My 7th payment from paidverts via PayPal. My payment from paidverts show up in my PayPal account wihin 36 hour  ! The revenue is moving up everyday . Looking great ! 
    If you haven't join Paidverts , do check out my paidverts guide - Click Here 

    To my surprise my blog appear on the first page of Google search result :)

    Sixth Payment From Paidverts

    Look another instant cashout via PayPal ! You might be wondering why my payment is lower compared to the previous one . Well I've been working on my Bonus Ad Point and FYI I'm moving to the Group 8 with a million BAP . Stay tune for my next payment proof ! 
    If you haven't join Paidverts , do check out my paidverts guide - Click Here 

    How To Generate Unlimited Free Likes To Your Facebook Page

    Quality is always better than quantity but if you prefer to save up some bucks , you can always generate likes to your Facebook Page by yourself without spending a dime .Before you utilize this ethically questionable tactic in a desperate attempt to boost your number of Facebook Likes, remember that thousands of Likes do not necessarily translate into sales. 

    First you have to get a fake facebook profile . The reason behind this is you will have to exchange with other people for Facebook likes with your current profile !

    List of Auto-like websites 

    Next you will need to allow permission to run the apps in your facebook , then you will get your access token . Do not simply giveaway your access token !

    Then you will have to paste your access token on the particular website . 

    How to get your Facebook page Custom ID?

    Replace YOURPAGEURL with your Facebook Web Address 

    I have highlight it with a red circle .

    Lastly paste your ID in the autolike website page section to increase your page likes , you will receive hundreds to thousands of real likes within a split of a second . Enjoy !

    How To Make Money With Hitleap

    Hitleap is a free traffic exchange site with a twist for you to custom your own link referrer to make your traffic look original and unique . Therefore you can earn in many different ways with hitleap as a upgraded user . I didn't want to write much about the details until I could determine the whether is a legitimate source to earning money online. But today i'm able to into some details .

    Keep reading I'd explain it all 

    How do you make money with Hitleap ?

    You can sign up over here :

    First of all you have to earn minutes in order to send hits to your website , the traffic exchange ratio is based on your membership , the free is 70% , lite membership is 80% and premium is 100%

    Next you have to download ' Hitleap Viewer '  in Traffic exchange section .

    If you have earn enough minutes you can proceed to my website section to start adding your website and send in some hits ! The amount of hits depends on the duration per visitor every hit .

    The Real Money Is In Referral 

    However the real way to make money in Hitleap is through referral as you earn a certain percentage of commission each time your referral manage to renew their membership successfully . 

    The total commission I have earn on hitleap sum up to € 259.50 with 215 referrals . I get my referral through sharing tutorial on local forum and my blog . Obviously, the people you refer need to use CashCrate for what it’s intended for. If you just refer a bunch of people you know and they create accounts but don’t use it, you’re not really going to make anything

    But Is Hitleap Legit ? 

    It certainly does ! Pictures says it all

    I only manage to recover some of the payment proof from my laptop . Again, this site isn’t going to make you rich, but this can be another tool to add to your collection of online income sources. You can sign up to Hitleap here. If you have a blog that has anything to do with making money, saving money, or personal finance, it might be worth introducing this site to your readers as a way to pick up some referrals. 

    My Passive Income For August and September 2014

    My income report for August and September of 2014, including new investment and strategies that worked (and didn't work). I've been busy with my schedule and assignment for the new semester as we got a lot of assignment to complete. I receive many request from subscribers to write a report on my passive income for august and september. Let's get right to the income report .

    1. Physical product 

    To be honest I've lost interest on selling physical products in Facebook these days. I'm tired with the courier and dispute. I've make an attempt to clear all my available stock , things are not going good over here as I didn't keep in touch with thousand of fans from time to time . I rely my sales on Lelong eCommerce marketplace.Total sales between August and September RM200  ($61.55)  

    2. Minisite 

    I've been working on minisite for the past two month . I always want to integrate an email autoresponder on my minisite to build my own list but it doesn't work quite well . You can have a quick look here on my minisite . 

    Nevertheless the sales on the minisite was overwhelming as I manage to close 3 to 5 sales in September everyday with the help of Facebook ads . The minisite generate a total income of RM 625 ( $192.34 )

    3.  Paidverts 

    Paidverts  ,as I’ve written about many times, is one of my favorite online passive income sources, because I believe it’s my only source of truly passive income , I turn every single minute to dollar . 

    I've earn a impressive amount of RM1462 ($450) between August and September with an extreme low investment of $100 and I manage to build my BAP for the past two month to million group BAP . If you're interested , this is the simple strategy I've use . It's pretty simple you can find it . 

    4. Affiliates Earning 

    5. Niche earning 

    • Popcash - $0.51
    • Infolink -  $5.02
    • Zalora   -  $0.00
    • Lazada  -  $13.52
    6. Other Earning

    • ChurpChurp - RM221 ( $68.01) ( Click Here for tutorial ) 
    • 8share - Rm48 (14.77) Click Here for tutorial ) 
    Grand total : RM 2679.42 ($824.56)

    I assume myself to be a small earner now as there are so many big earner out there Although this total continues to be unimpressive, I’m happy with the fact that this income is 100% passive right now. It’s nice to have a little extra cash flow each month to cover my own expenses in college and to be self-independence . 

    Fifth Payment From Paidverts

    Today I receive my fifth payment from Paidverts . Paidverts is growing fast with almost $100,000 fund in PayPal one out of seven payment processor . You can follow the Jo on facebook , the founder of Paidverts for more updates. If you haven't join Paidverts , do check out my paidverts guide - Click Here 

    My Fourth Payment From Paidverts

    Nothing much to say in this topic , I'll just keep it short . I receive my fourth payment from paidverts within two hour after my request . Things are getting better day by day . If you want to know the changes make by Jo check out my previous post - Click Here

    click to zoom

    click to zoom

    My Third Payment From Paidverts

    This is my third payment from paidverts . I've been working really hard on paidverts for the past two month and my effort has paid off. I've successfully receive my third payment not long after my second payment . Good news is Paidverts currently back on track , they have successfully clear up the debt with the impressive turnover and portfolio .The payment is now being process within 24 hour . 

    I'm a member over there for 2 months ! 
    My initial investment : $100 ( Starting : 310,000 BAP)
    My total Payout : $125.97 ( Now : 474,745 BAP )

    If you wish to receive referral cash back , check the previous post for more information

    Picture says it all

    Click to zoom

    How To Redeem Free Amazon Giftcards | Payment Proof $10

    Do you want to get free unlimited Amazon Gift cards ? Hotdeals is a free community driven deal site where member can discover and share hot online deals with friends . Each deal is posted is an original deal , created and up-vote by the members. Registration is always free and you can earn your way up to redeem free Amazon giftcards by spinning . 


    1. Sign up Email confirmation is require , or you can choose to sign in with your facebook ! 

    2. Choose the ' Spin To Win ' on the sidebar

    3. Every spin will cost you 100 coin and everyday you will get one free spin

    4. Nevertheless you can earn more coins by referring friends , reviewing , vote and share deals . 

    5. You stand a chance to win additional coin , diamonds or even amazon giftcards for every spin. 

    6.  Diamond and experience point in hotdeal improve your user ranking . This can also help you earn better in Spin-To-Win instant game . 

    Proof of amazon giftcards redemption . This site is also 100% trusted reviewed by Scamadviser.

    My second Payment From Paidverts

    Look how fast I receive my second payment from paidverts . Users will have to wait for the Paypal queue for 7 business days due to the limitation, the fund will be release little by little every week , the new comers will expect a more faster payment than the old members . 

    I pay my referral (RCB) referral cash back 80% for lifetime so it's a win-win situation for both of us. Check out my paidverts tutorial - Click Here My first Payment - Click Here 

    Click to zoom 

    First Payment From Paidverts

    Hello , Not long before clixters closure I sign up on Paidverts and today I receive my first payment from Paidverts after two week . In future I will stay away from any paid to click site because most of them start to fall apart after few months of running .What I can say for Paidverts is the business plan was totally different from other paid to click site . You can read my previous post here .

    An attempt on removing the milestone was made by admin for one month just to make sure the site stay on the right path . Despite the changes , members were able to continue to receive commission from referral . 

    If sign up under me I'm willing to guide you and repay referral cash back 60% for lifetime.

    Catch me up on facebook or Skype to claim your 80% referral cash back from me 

    Facebook : Add Me Skype : Limwynn96

    Click to zoom . I will receive my second payment $55 soon 

    How to make Big Money with PaidVerts GUIDE

    PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.
    Advertisers purchase ads in our system then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. 

    Since Paidverts have no self-sponsoring ads , it's a win-win situation for advertisers and users . You can expect Paidverts to be more profitable earning program than other paid to click network . For your information , Paidverts owns by My traffic Value and you can see real time accounting over here


    1. Sign up on Paidverts Click here .  Please do not join if you're not willing to spend a dime from your pocket because it gonna to take forever to earn money

    " You will receive 8 x 50 BAP ads everyday . Use your BAP wisely "

    2. Next ,click on the Paid Ads section . Take a note that Paid Ads will consume a little amount of BAP daily. You will receive 8 X 25 BAP ads and Dollar Ads .

    click to zoom

    Fill up the Captcha , and you can proceed to the advertiser website . 

    click to zoom

    3. Besides that , Paidverts do offer different variety of games for members to earn more BAP in a short amount of time . Games consist of more in gambling therefore I would not recommend you to try all of them because it's a win-lose situation , your chances of winning was very slim more like 30% vs 70% . The coinflip method is no longer working 

    As Paidverts user earn dollars by Accumulating BAP . Basically the more Bonus Ad Point (BAP) you will receive more 'higher' dollar value ads in the 'Paid Ads' section . Depends on which BAP group you belongs to . 

    The group are those:
    Group 01: from 100 to 1599 BAP.
    Group 02: from 1600 to 12000 BAP.
    Group 03: from 12000 to 24000 BAP.
    Group 04: from 24k to 48k BAP.
    Group 05: from 48k to 96k BAP.
    Group 06: from 96k to 180k BAP.
    Group 07: from 180k to 360k BAP.
    Group 08: from 360k to 720k BAP.
    Group 09: from 720k to 1.5m BAP.
    Group 10: from 1.5m to 3m BAP.
    Group 11: from 3m to 6m BAP.
    Group 12: 6m to 20m BAP.
    Group 13: 20m BAP and up.

    4. If you have very less ads , you can purchase recycle ads or micro ads from your account.
    If you have more than 200,000BAP I recommend you to purchase ad filter and recycle ads.
    Ad filter block you from getting low value annoying ads .

    Follow the BAP you have to set the ad filter . 
    200,000 BAP - $0.10
    400,000 BAP - $0.20
    800,000 BAP - $0.50
    1million BAP or more - $0.99

    click to zoom

    Let's keep this simple . The more BAP you have the higher value dollar ads will be issued to you as each time a dollar ads is issued , the BAP is automatically deducted from your balance ! Buying ads will give you a boost for more Bonus Ad Point . 

    Every-time you purchase $1 ads , you are eligible to advertise your product / page / affiliates link and receive 3100 BAP instantly ! In the other hand each time $1 dollar ads issue to you , only 2000 BAP will be deducted ! So you get 1100 BAP profit in total ! 

    5. Upgrades are not necessary , however you can upgrade to be eligible to receive more dollar ads each time someone purchase bulk ads and you will receive 1% of the value .
    click to zoom

    Vacation mode is to freeze the ads when you go for vacation or you can't click ads to prevent BAP consumption . You freeze your account when you're away and unfreeze them when you're back . 

    Payment Proof
    First Payment      : Click Here 
    Second Payment  Click Here 
    Third Payment     : Click Here 
    Fourth Payment   : Click Here  
    Fifth Payment      : Click Here  
    Sixth Payment      :Click Here 
    #7 Payment          :Click Here 

     Get in touch with me in Skype - Limwynn96 or Facebook : AddMathz